Mahmutagić: Monotik Digital plans to invest 50% of its revenue in advertising and infrastructure

Kenan Mahmutagić is proud to announce a new stage for Monotik Digital. Now as an independent company based in Gradiška, Kenan becomes the youngest entrepreneur in the city, at only 20 years old. Monotik Digital s.p. focuses on computer programming and advertising agency, promising high quality services in both areas. We thank everyone who supported this important step in our development.

Kenan Mahmutagić, founder of Monotik Digital, announced ambitious plans for the future of his company. According to him, Monotik Digital plans to invest 50% of its revenues in advertising and promotion of its applications and games through Google Ads and Meta Ads platforms, as well as through local and foreign media channels.

In addition, the company plans to expand the infrastructure needed to support their applications, as well as to implement AI solutions within them. Mahmutagić points out that this investment is crucial for the further development and success of their products on the market.

“Our commitment to improving the user experience through innovative technological solutions, such as artificial intelligence, reflects our vision of creating top-notch applications that users will love and use every day,” said Mahmutagić.

This move by Monotik Digital represents their strategy to strengthen their market presence and expand the impact of their products, while at the same time highlighting the importance of investing in technology infrastructure to support the company’s future growth.